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Trisha without makeup is just as beautiful as her glammed-up looks. This South Indian actress was born on 4th May 1983. Trisha Krishnan has several successful films in her repertoire. She worked alongside Akshay Kumar in the Bollywood rom-com Khatta Meetha. Her beautiful facial features have a certain innocence that makes the actress more charming.

Trisha has often been caught on camera without any makeup, and needless to say, she has amazed us all.

Let’s look at some of her best without makeup moments. Swipe up!

Trisha without Makeup Images

Look 1

This is one of the cutest pictures of the actress. Here, Trisha doesn’t look perfect like a celebrity. Stepping out without makeup, she proves that no one is perfect, not even celebrities. And she is surely not afraid to show her real face to the world. She looks just like a regular girl next door without makeup.

Look 2

In the second picture, Trisha’s face looks completely bare without makeup. A little tinted lip balm would have rescued those pigmented lips.

Look 3

Here Trisha is seen in a funky outfit. She is using her stole as a head band. It does look a bit 80’s, but she still looks nice.

Look 4

A picture of Trisha Krishnan without makeup taken at her house, looking starry eyed at the lens. The photographer must have been delighted to click her. Those black shorts show off her perfectly toned legs and the loose t-shirt confirms her love for comfort dressing.

Look 5

In this picture, Trisha is without a trace of makeup. But her look is still bright and her face glowing. Her smile is truly beautiful here.

Look 6

This is an old picture of Trisha’s. Notice how she looks leaner and younger in this one compared to her recent pictures. The dress she’s seen here in is quite out of fashion now.

Look 7

The above picture was taken during her yoga session. Even with no makeup, Trisha looks confident. Her bright green T-shirt implies she isn’t afraid to go bold with colors. The red hair band is a smart exercise accessory.

Look 8

The Khatta Meetha girl came dressed in a simple blue kurti sans makeup for a movie promotion at the Hello96.4 FM studios. Her skin looks flawless and devoid of any blemishes.

Look 9

Here Trisha looks simple yet sweet. It’s proven that she doesn’t need makeup to look good. Her hair is tied back in a simple pony with a few bangs on the side.

Look 10


This south Indian beauty never seems to disappoint us. She’s dressed in casuals in a loose blue t-shirt and matching cap. Her hair is straightened.

Trisha Krishnan or Trisha is a natural beauty, and we can never deny this fact. She looks adorable and gorgeous at any given time. These photos of Trisha without makeup highlight her natural charm and bring out her personality better. Instead of covering her face with tons of makeup, Trishna sometimes loves to rock her no-makeup looks. Normalizing going out without wearing makeup, Trishna has been an inspiration. If you need a motivation boost, take it from this article and embrace your inner beauty.

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