Soak your feet in green tea water for the best pedicure EVER!


So, winter has gone and so have those socks! That’s why it is time to treat your feet with the goodness of a nice pedicure. But this time around, we want you to take a holistic route, because that will keep your feet happier than ever. This summer, we would like to recommend some really innovative green tea pedicure ideas that will not just nourish your feet, but will also keep them away from skin problems.

You must have tried weird pedicures that have fish to remove dead skin, but once you give this green tea one a shot, you will definitely become a fan. Do you know green tea is great for your skin, as it is loaded with antioxidants? And soaking your feet in green tea water not only relaxes you, but also detoxifies your feet.

According to dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor, who is also a dermat-surgeon at The Esthetic Clinics, green tea gives your feet’s skin a youthful appearance, fights free radical damage, and promotes the overall health of the skin.

Keep your feet hygiene in check. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Green tea has anti-ageing benefits and improves the texture of the skin. It will help in skin cell growth, allow faster healing of the skin, protect you from harmful UV rays, reduce wrinkles, and lower inflammation,” says Dr Kapoor.

Here’s why green tea is perfect for your feet

1. Green tea reduces skin redness and irritation as it is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help one deal with skin redness, swelling, and sunburn around your feet area. It can help one lower the skin irritation seen due to psoriasis and dermatitis.
2. Green tea is packed with vitamin E, which nourishes and hydrates your feet. The vitamin B2 content helps maintain collagen levels for youthful skin structure and makes the skin firm. You will be able to improve the texture of the skin and feel good.
3. “Caffeine and tannins present in the green shrink blood vessels around the eyes. The bonus point- is you can get rid of puffy eyes and those embarrassing dark circles too,” suggests Dr Kapoor.
4. Green tea pedicure gives your feet an even skin tone, since it contains vitamin C.
5. Green tea helps in oil control, thanks to the EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) compound.

green tea pedicureCalm all your senses with a green tea pedicure. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Learn the magic trick of using green tea as a pedicure

Step 1: Take 4 green tea bags and dip them in hot water.
Step 2: Till the water is getting ready, you can cleanse your feet with a soap or shower gel.
Step 3: Once the water is lukewarm, add some natural mineral bath salt in the tub and soak your feet. Basically, we have added mineral salt for some extra relaxation. Along with green tea, it can be super calming and soothing.
Step 4: After dipping your feet for 10-15 minutes, exfoliate your feet using a pumice stone. This will help in removing all the dead skin.

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Step 5: Now, clean your feet thoroughly and apply a good moisturizer recommended by your doctor. Try to gently massage your feet by using the green tea cream of your choice.

cracked heelsPamper your cracked heels with this green tea pedicure! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“You can use a green tea lotion to tackle those cracked heels,” recommends Dr Kapoor.

Isn’t it simple? So, do try this feet dip and make your feet summer-ready.

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