Know how to avoid skin issues such as acne and pigmentation


Sometimes, we get so caught in following what may be right for us, that we end up ignoring what may also be wrong! At least that holds true when it comes to skin issues, if a latest post by skin, aesthetic dermatologist and wellness expert Dr Kiran Sethi is to be believed.

“Despite living a healthy lifestyle and following a skincare routine, do you still struggle with skin conditions like acne or pigmentation?” Dr Sethi asked her Instagram family via the post.

If you can relate to this, chances are you may be accustomed to certain habits that could be exacerbating the skin problems. What are those mistakes? Come let’s find out!

3 mistakes you must consciously avoid to keep skin issues at bay

1. Touching your face constantly

By now, at least ever the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, everyone should have already been used to not touching the face with dirty hands! But in case you’re not, it may help to be a little cautious about not transferring dirt and bacteria from your hands to your face. This can be a reason behind acne breakouts.

Don’t touch your face constantly. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Rubbing your eyes:

Yes! Something as basic as this could cause pigmentation, says Dr Sethi. A study in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology also reads, “Periorbital hyperpigmentation (or dark circles around the eyes) can be caused by rubbing and scratching of skin around the eyes.”

3. Rubbing, licking or smacking your lips

Isn’t licking and smacking of lips something that we do so frequently? In fact, whenever we end up feeling that our lips are too dry or chapped, that’s just what we end up doing! But ladies, that can lead you to a condition called lip-licking dermatitis.

As per a International Journal of Women’s Dermatology study, human saliva is laced with digestive enzymes that can be harmful to the delicate skin of lips. Therefore, increased contact can breakdown the protective barrier, and raise vulnerability to irritants.

Watch Dr Sethi’s video on dealing with skin issues!

All in all, Dr Sethi recommends that people must “steer clear of these movements that could easily turn into habits without realising.”


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