Here’s how to use kiwi for skin brightening


Kiwi is one of the superfoods that has this peculiar tangy-sweet taste which is loved by all. In terms of its nutritional qualities, kiwi has a natural proteolytic enzyme called actinidin which breaks down the protein and helps in digestion. Thus, eating it is known to stimulate metabolism. Moreover, it helps in changing the human colonic microbial community and aids in gut health. But, did you know that kiwi is a super ingredient for skincare too? Especially, when it comes to skin brightening and glow, this fancy green fruit has no competitors!

To know about the skin care qualities of kiwi, we spoke to Dr Sonali Chaudhary, Integrative and cosmetic Dermatologist, Founder of Holistic Skin Care based in New Delhi Saket

Dr Chaudhary says, “When we use kiwi on the skin it imparts an instant glow as it contains exceptionally high vitamin C. The strong antioxidant properties of vitamin C helps in repairing the regular wear and tear and oxidative damage of skin. Hence, it helps in fading away dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Apart from vitamin C, kiwis are loaded with vitamin E, folate, potassium, fibre, sugars, enzymes and skin-benefitting antioxidants.”

Here’s how can you use kiwi for skin brightening and glow:

1. Exfoliate the skin

You can use the peels of kiwi to exfoliate the skin by gently massaging it on a clean skin. The kiwi peel has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It will prevent dead skin build up and help in brightening.

Befriend kiwi right away, if you want a skin brightening ingredient in your skincare routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Refresh your skin

Another way suggested by Dr Chaudhary to make the most of kiwis is to refrigerate the kiwi juice into ice cubes. You can use the cubes to rub on the face before any big event or just after a long day at work. Your skin will feel instantly energised. The antioxidants in it will also help soothe the irritated skin.

3. Instant skin brightening

Kiwi pulp has the highest ascorbic acid and tocopherols content. It can be used as a skin brightening face mask by mixing kiwi pulp with Fuller’s earth (if you have oily skin) or Argan oil (if you have dry skin). Apply a thin layer of this mask and leave it on for 10 mins. Wash it off using cold water to get a more youthful and glowing skin appearance.

4. Evens out skin tone

It can also be used to whiten the skin in dark areas of the body. For this, you need to take the kiwi pulp, add a vitamin E capsule and mix it well until it forms a creamy texture. “You can use this mix on your dark knees and elbows to brighten the skin and even it,” says Dr Chaudhary.

kiwi salsaKiwis are a powerhouse of antioxidants and fibre that are good for your skin too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Depuffs your eyes

Take refrigerated slices of kiwi, put it under your eyes to get rid of the tired and puffy eyes.

Along with these DIY kiwi skincare hacks, add this fruit as a part of your balanced diet to see the best benefit. If consumed as a regular fruit, kiwis can help you get the glow from the inside out way more faster.

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